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6 ideas to kick off the New Year with your Beauty Business

Ringing in the New Year marks a great time to look back and plan for an even better year.

The changing of the calendar is usually a time for individual to make resolutions for the year ahead, and there is no reason that can’t apply to growing your existing beauty business or fulfilling your goal of finally starting your own home based salon or spa.

Time Management

Much has been written about time management, setting schedules and task – but, one of the areas not spoken about is the loss by not actually allocating the time to begin to realize your goals and dreams.

Of course life, family, jobs and other tasks can make it seem difficult or impossible to find the time to prioritize your other ambitions and goals – but, you have to create more time in your life if you are ambitious and cut the non-productive or make-work tasks away from your routine.

Initially start with small manageable time goals. Set dates and times to work through the actual process of planning and developing your dreams and goals. Add them to a calendar and follow through with your process.

The discipline helps you manage both your time and tasks and separate emotions from your tasks. When you separate your emotions and worries – you can think more clearly and achieve your objectives.

Make a plan and set your goals

In concert with managing your time, setting small tasks and goals with dates to accomplish them helps you achieve the larger goal of starting your new business.

Building a business plan helps you avoid making strategic mistakes because it should be based on relevant parameters, such as; How is your target audience? How many customers do you need to be successful? What is your unique selling point?

But before you get started, take the time to pause and consider a few things. Ask yourself ‘why are you starting your beauty business? What do you bring to the table? Do you have the passion to run a successful beauty business?’

A clear understanding of your personal motivations will help you create a solid plan.

Discover the legal side of things

Before you start your new beauty spa or consider adding new services/equipment to your existing beauty medi-spa, you need to make sure you don’t run into legal problems.

Do you require permits to run a business in your home? Are there home owners association restrictions or zoning issues or permits to consider? Do you have business insurance or require additional insurance for new equipment? Will you need a Municipal Health Inspection of your new space or additional beauty devices?

It might be to your advantage to begin as an independent contractor providing services out of your home rather than considering running as an established retail location until you are ready to expand.

Design your space

If you want to have a successful home business you need to do more than put a salon chair in a spare room and call it a day.

Health Inspectors will have specific requirements for your home beauty spa or salon. They may require that you have running hot/cold water, single access entry for IPL laser treatments, non-reflective surfaces and windows that can be blacked out from the inside to remove additional reflections or the potential of laser light transmitted outside.

You also want your clients to have more of a ‘salon/spa feel’ when they receive treatments at your business. A welcoming atmosphere is a fantastic way to upscale your clients experience and is great for building customer loyalty and ensuring your client will want to return for additional services or treatments – and recommend a friend.

Additionally the decoration and design of your beauty business helps to start developing your brand.

Check the competition and plan for realistic prices

Be sure to do your homework and look at the competition in your area. If you are starting a home beauty spa, check your local Facebook groups and ads to see what the competition is charging. If you are adding services, you may already be familiar with the competition, but be sure to continuously check their promotions and specials so that you can see any trends in your marketplace.

If you have a home media-spa, don’t forget that your clients are not just paying for the results, they are paying for the entire experience – from the environment to the conversation.

You need to be realistic with your prices and know that you are giving your customers a different experience than they would get in a high-end medi-spa. Even if you have extensive experience as an aesthetician, you need to consider the entire package you are offering and calculate your pricing from there.

Many new business charge lower prices in their initial start while they are building their client base and reputation. Remember that your prices are temporary and you are trying to build loyalty first before you elevate your profits.

This tactic can be equally true of established medi-spas and salons. Be sure to market to your existing clientele well in advance of introducing a new service or treatment - and consider offering introductory pricing so your customers will be less hesitant when trying out a brand new service.


Growing your customer base is vital to your beauty businesses success.

Social media is perhaps the best way to showcase and market your business. In the beauty industry Facebook and Instagram are the most important channels to get your message out on – no matter if you are a new start-up or existing medi-spa adding new services.

Here are some easy and simple ideas


  • Share articles, videos and images that contain tips and tricks

  • Highlight milestones and product reviews from beauty influencers

  • Offer customer service — respond to questions

  • Weekly sharing of content



  • Share visual content; images of people using or wearing your product are best

  • Use #hashtags to increase exposure and gain followers

  • Promote contests and giveaways

Be sure to also work with in local community to expand the awareness of your business. Connect with your friends, family and past colleagues to get your message out.

AND don’t forget email. Build you email customer list so that you can speak directly to your clients and let them know what your business is up to.

To fulfill your goals, remember that all it takes is that first step.

Best wishes and Happy New Year - Med Skin Distribution

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