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8 Tips for Great, Profitable Consultations

A great consultation for both new or existing customers can potentially have your client book three, four or even an entire years worth of appointments. A thorough, quality consultation is an integral part of winning new business and growing your profits

To be successful with your medi-spa, it's important to not only attract new clients through the front door of your business, it's equally important to move them forward to purchase treatments that will service their needs.

A thorough, quality consultation is an integral part of winning new business and the quality of your services will be judged by your prospective client during this stage - and if it performed poorly, your prospective client won't expect great service or results and likely won't become a customer.

By viewing the consultation as your opportunity to educate and inform, you separate yourself from competitors in terms of credibility, quality and expertise - which can be the difference between profit and failure.

Using a medical questionnaire and waiver form makes it easy to ensure that you have all your clients previous and current medical history - and by having your client sign and initial all the specifics of the form confirms that they have read and understood the risks - you minimize your own liability.

8 Tips for profitable consultation

  • Confirm booking ahead of time to reduce no-shows

  • It’s a great idea to start every consultation with a genuine compliment

  • Review your last treatment with the client and ask how they felt about it

  • Be sure to ask questions that dig deeper and help your client share more information about themselves

  • Create a treatment plan based on their goals

  • Review the treatment plan and the investment with your customer

  • Confirm next scheduled appointment

  • Record your consultation in your client's history profile

Bonus: Conversation ideas and tips

  • Tell what you love most about your skin? If you could change something about your skin, what would it be? What are you biggest concerns and there priority?

  • Describe your lifestyle. Do you work in an air-condition space? Do you spend a lot of time out doors? Do you wear sun screen or cover you arms and head while outdoors?

  • Are you currently taking any medication, pregnant/breast feeding? I need to know, to ensure that treatments are not contraindicated.

  • Describe your diet. Do you follow a special diet (such as vegan or Keto)? Are there foods you avoid or love to eat a lot of? This helps me create a custom skin care plan for you.

  • Do you use any topical dermatological medications or treatments?

  • What current skin care products do you use?

  • What are your treatment goals today? Let’s ensure we are both on the same page and I can address any additional needs you may have.

The strategies, tips and ideas described above will make your customers happy while helping you to maximize your medi-spa profits. Remember to always use a check list for every client consultation, and further customize it as you discover specific needs from specific customers.

Consultations work to increase new customer business. It minimizes your business exposure to risk by completing the medical waiver form. Finally, great customer service through consultations increase the value of each of your clients as they choose to spend more on additional treatments and services.

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